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How Often Do you Compare Yourself?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Comparing Oneself to others is a form of self-judgment, that we often do for ourselves or to others. Comparison leads to low self-worth in the other (so watch out if you are doing it with your kids). And the one comparing is doing it out of low self-worth.

Comparison is a worse form of judgment and I consider it as a self-sabotage, where you look at someone else and either try to be someone else who you think is perfect, or more cool, or beautiful or smart, and you beat yourself up for not being that.

Unique vibrational imprint very important

By comparing Oneself to others you are losing an opportunity to be your true authentic self. Each individual on this earth has a unique vibrational imprint. And when you compare and want to be someone else whom you idealize you are rejecting that uniqueness in you. And whatever it is, that unique vibrational imprint is so important, to live your life expressing your true authentic self.

An ant is small and an elephant is huge

But they both have their unique vibrational imprint. An ant doesn't see an elephant and feel oh how big he is I wish I was as big as him or an elephant doesn't compare itself to an ant and says I wish I was as small as it.

Both have their own individual self, and living, and doing what they have to, they are living their own individual imprint.

However small the task of an ant it may seem to one seeing it, but it equally important in the universe as of the elephant's, it's just perfect, expressing it's uniqueness and living it's a unique vibrational imprint.

Stop the comparison

So, stop the comparison, and if you feel unworthy, tell yourself that 'I am worthy as I exist".

Get in touch with your unique vibrational imprint, you true authentic self and express it freely and completely. You might be a drop in the ocean but it is what that fills the ocean.


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