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A 12 Week 1:1 Private Mentorship 

To Heal Your Wounds, Transform Your
Patterns, and Attract a Fulfilling
Soulmate Relationship. 

Have you ever found yourself asking...


“Is it even possible to find a soulmate relationship?”

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After years of toxic relationship patterns, codependent connections, and dead-end pursuits… it's a question that most women ask themselves.


And I get it.


It's easy to lose hope when all you've ever found is disappointment.

It's easy to find yourself doubting if that "soulmate love" is even meant for you.


When it seems like every relationship that holds even a spark of potential never turns out to be "the one"... what are you supposed to do?


The key to… is found within.


I used to believe that finding my soulmate was never going to happen for me. I spent most of my life inside deeply unfulfilling connections… trying to make it work with men who just didn't see me. 


I thought it was "too late".

I thought that love wasn't meant for me.


It wasn't until I went on a journey into deep inner-work and
healing did I realize what was missing all along:

Happy, healthy, and

with myself.

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I untangled my toxic relationship patterns.
I healed the wounds inside me that chose unhealthy partnerships.
I expanded my beliefs to make space for real love to actually find me.


And what happened next?


I was able to fully anchor into my truest, most authentic essence and manifest my soulmate! We have uncovered levels of love I didn't think were possible. We have grown together, explore together, and gone on to build a beautiful life and family together.


And this wasn't dumb luck.


It's possible for EVERYONE to attract their soulmate and
live their version of a "happily ever after".



This isn't a fairytale - it's not some "impossible" dream.
It's real love and real healing.

And it's open to anyone who seeks it.


You don't need to settle for "good enough" - ignoring red flags just to have a hope at a decent relationship.


That isn't your story anymore.


You don't need to compromise your desires to fit into someone
else's definition of a "perfect partner" to find love.


That isn't your story anymore.

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be your most authentic self and attract a partner who loves you fully and completely for who you are.

find deep fulfillment in yourself and your life, manifesting a partner who only adds to that fulfillment.

cultivate intimate relationships that see you, hear you, and give you space to freely express yourself.

find a man/woman who is ready to grow with you and who wants to show up in total loyalty and faithfulness.

It's time to heal the old stories and remember... You can have it all.


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Stressed Woman


Feeling deeply confused and overwhelmed about what you really want in a relationship - to FULLY KNOWING what you desire in a soulmate connection


Discover the keys within to unlock deeper love & fulfillment

What You Will Receive

Private Sessions
$250 x 12

Worth $3000


Hosted on Zoom, these private sessions are the core of our work together. A blend of intuitive coaching, guided meditation, and deep healing tools. We start with inner-child healing and belief work, before moving deeper into family dynamics (mother and father wounds), and ancestral patterns. Together, we'll release the wounding and traumas that created dysfunctional relationships in your life - and unveil new levels of love, desire, and fulfilment! 

Tao Healing  Sessions
$100 x 12

Worth $1200


Tao healing technology is a high vibrational frequency that transmutes the negative Shen (soul heart Mind) Chi (Energy) Jing (matter) into positive Shen, chi, Jing.

It simply transmutes the negative information into positive information. The negative information can be negative beliefs patterns acquired or generational which gets transmuted into positive information.

Weekly Integration Tools
Worth $600



Every week, you'll receive customized journal prompts, healing techniques, worksheets, and action steps to help you further integrate what we unveiled in our Private Sessions.

This is deep, vital work to accelerate your healing progress!

Sacred Rituals, Practises, and Meditations
Worth $600



These sacred tools can be used throughout the program, but also carried with you for the rest of your life! You'll learn the "Soul Temple Healing Practice" to transform anxious feelings, a powerful ritual to heal your inner-critic, guided meditations to ground scattered mental energy, and more.

1 x Light Language Session
Worth $250

This is an energy upgrade at the soul level. Inside this 1 hour online Light Language Transmission, we'll open space for you to activate and/or heal the area that speaks to you deepest (whether that's activating your heart center, upgrading your energy to hold a new level of vibration, letting go of old traumas, balancing your feminine/masculine energy, etc.).


As I channel light language, I also draw what comes through - creating a piece of art that you can use long after the session is over to reconnect with this energy.

PLUS… Private WhatsApp Access
Worth $1000



Every week, you'll have up to 20 mins. of private WhatsApp access for any emergency support, coaching, or advice you may need between our Private Sessions. You are never alone on this journey!

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Total Value: $6600 USD
Your investment $2999 USD

Pay-In-Full BONUS: 1 x Bonus Light Language Session (focused on "manifesting your soulmate"!) and one month add on coaching which
includes 2 biweekly sessions of 75mins

Payment Plan Available:
3 payments of $1111 USD

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Payment Plan Available:
5 payments of $500 USD

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Want to chat about the program?
Book a Call with me now!

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