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Dr Falak Shaiikh


Sarah Profitt

on "The Healer's Couch"


 In this episode we talk all about the divine feminine and masculine and what it truly means to create a lasting relationship past the honeymoon stage. 


We discuss Falak's own personal journey and how changing careers helped her find the truth of who she is. 

The Almaz Podcast With Falak Shaiikh

Join us in a beautiful conversation, filled with wisdom, resonance, and laughter. 


And ofcourse, the presence of Aya speaking through her. 


Connect with Falak, and be sure to take her up on that free session.

 Podcast with Live Your RAW Life - You can have it all!!!

Join us in the beautiful conversation with Rachel Watkins and Dr Falak Shaikh, who have together co authored a book "Wounds to Wisdom" along with 7 amazing women, as Falak shares about her background and how she shifted from being doctor in India to becoming an Author and a Spiritual Entrepreneur. 

And tune in to hear their conversation around Soulmates. 

Unleash Your Ambition: 3 Steps To Manifest The Most Compatible Soulmate

I am so excited, since the podcast that I recorded with Stacie Walker is out now.

For many entrepreneurs and high-performing people, falling in love and finding the most compatible soulmate can be a challenge.

On the Unleash Your Ambition Podcast with Stacie Walker and I talk about three steps to manifest the most compatible soulmate.

Unblocking Life With Falak Shaiikh

Check out this interesting conversation with Falak Shaiikh where she talks about unblocking subconscious beliefs, love addiction, co-dependency, and how perception shapes our views. 


Host | Nicole Walker 

Award-Winning Influencer and the founder of WinHers United


Guest |  Falak Shaiikh

Author of Best-Selling Book and Life Coach

Interview With Best-Selling Author Falak Shaiikh

Author Falak is a best-selling author of the book "The Soulmate Mantra".


After publishing her book she has now become a full-time Authorprenuer by converting her book into a business.


Listen to her podcast and learn the secrets of successfully publishing and launching your book to become a best-seller.

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