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Couples Coaching

Are you ready to sail through the storms of your relationship?


When we enter a relationship, we do not enter alone. 

When we enter a relationship, we do not enter alone. 

We carry our wounds, our trauma, our programs, and beliefs, in short, all our baggage and the same goes with your partner. 

As a result, a relationship goes through a mess as each of the parties involved acts out of that baggage that they had been carrying.

The only way to bring peace, love, and harmony in a relationship is to unburden oneself from the baggage that is creating chaos in a relationship.


60 mins session on

This is for you and your partner

This is not for you and your partner


Want to build a conscious loving healthy relationship with your partner?


Are you committed to growing together as a couple?


Are you going through a rough patch in your relationship?


Are considering getting separated.


Want a smooth transition out of this relationship?


Believe each one of you has no role in the conflict and the other is the problem.


If you feel complete after the relationship has ended.


Are not ready yet to do the inner work and come face to face with the traumas.

60 mins session : $250

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