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Light Language
Activation and Transmission

Private and Group Sessions

"Language of Light" is a way of receiving information/energy to accelerate the Ascension Process.

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"Language of Light" is a way of receiving information/ energy to accelerate the Ascension Process. The Language of Light as it flows in from the higher dimensions holds an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes and awakens dormant codes within.


It's direct teaching on your cellular level, heard by your Soul/ DNA. I consider it a new paradigm method of healing because it is so entwined with the Ascension and speaks so effectively to the unconscious mind, to the depths of the soul.

"Light Language", which are channeled sounds, tones, and codes from other dimensions to clear blocks and distortions in your energy, consciousness, and light. These cannot be understood by the human mind as they are multi-dimensional holographic codes that can only be heard by subtle dimensions of your being.

Generally, there are four different ways to communicate and express light language: Speaking, Signing, Singing, and Writing. There are an infinite amount of different kinds of light languages, and variations within each kind, because the universe is a vast and infinite place. Generally speaking, there are four basic kinds of light language that fit somewhere within these categories: Angelic, Elemental, Galactic (includes star beings and ET’s,) and Gaia languages (includes ancient, present, and future earth languages.)

Some of the many benefits of receiving or practicing light language include: 

Releases Stuck or Blocked Energy

It releases areas of tension and discordances from your body, mind, and spirit by speaking telepathically and directly to your heart and soul, to your entire being.

DNA Activation

It initiates DNA activation. This releases forgotten, or dormant, gifts from this or other lifetimes, and allows you to better access and express these parts of yourself in your everyday experience.

Activates the Pineal Gland

It activates the pineal gland, which helps you interpret abstract information that is the language of soul and Spirit. This can assist greatly in facilitating life changes. 

Higher Dimensional Access

It can initiate the experience of higher dimensional access and anchoring. It opens telepathic channels, simultaneously opening all subtle communication channels. Essentially, it accelerates Ascension and your ability to bring the light of your soul into this body and this dimensional experience.

Private & Group Activation

I offer virtual, or in-person and group, healing sessions with light language transmissions, readings with channeled messages, and light codes.

Personal Session: 70$  |  Group Session: 25$

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