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Are you struggling to move on from your ex?


Have you been thinking,


"Is it even possible for me to not think of him anymore?”

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After being stuck on your ex and being obsessed over him, and going back to him again and again only to be disappointed...

It's a question that a lot of women ask themselves.


It's easy to lose hope when all you've ever felt is disappointment.

It's easy to find yourself doubting if that romantic relationship is even meant for you.


When it seems like you cannot get over him, and end of the relationships seems to be the end of.worls

what are you supposed to do?


The key to moving on and rebound to life… is to go back to the source.


Back to YOU.

Yes, YOU are the lock and the key standing in the way of feeling LOVE again.


Nothing and no one is stopping you from experiencing the love you most deeply desire - except for you.


What keeps you stuck in the relationship and stops you from moving on, is not th e 


It’s the wounds and the stories that you hold around your relationships.


And YOU have the innate ability to heal those blocks in your life.

All you have to do is say YES.
To take that chance and make that choice.

Bounce Back

is the powerful introductory group mentorship to recover from heart-break and move in self love.


It is your first step to leave behind your old story - a deep dive opening

yourself and your heart and experience self love.


Often, we are stuck as we view reality from a wounded place.

Or we feel so wounded that we feel we do not deserve "LOVE" at all.


But Bounce Back was created to show you that

YOU CAN heal from heartbreak and learn to trust again.

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YOU CAN get over him...

You can no longer stay stuck in your past, and can move on without regret and resentment.

You can cultivate a deep sense of self worth and know you deserve to be loved as you desire.

You can forgive and let go and open yourself to love and trust again.

You can find “the one” - that soulmate partner who is ready to grow with you and show up for you.

All you need to do is decide… are you ready and willing to let go of the blocks that stand in your way?

Are you ready to heal and let go of your wounds and traumas?

Are you ready to move past the cycles of bad choices and unhealthy relationships?

Are you ready to release desperation and tap into an unshakable inner-fulfilment and self-love?


Join us inside Bounce Back Group Mentorship:

a revolutionary group program to help you let go of the past relationship conciously and move into deeper self love.


Where you’ll not only kickstart your journey to a truly fulfilling SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP…


But you’ll be doing it inside a sisterhood of women who are on the same path as you.


You will be healing and learning alongside a safe and supportive community who is there to hold you as you transform!


We will grow together as a community.


And together we will reclaim the love in ourselves that was lost, so we can actually manifest the love we came here to experience.


Heal Your Wounds.

Transform Your Patterns.

Attract Your Soulmate Relationship.

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Imagine in Only 6 Weeks, Going from…

From hanging on to the old chords of the broken relationship draining you to clearing the energy of the past relationship and feeling whole and full in oneself again.

From no self love and desperately needing love from someone to finding that love within and experiencing deeper levels of self love.

Struggling to break the patterns of codependency and love addiction in relationships - to truly anchoring into healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationship patterns

Moving from loneliness and depression to feeling alive and happy again.

Bounce Back is your gateway to a healthier,

happier YOU, a more fulfilling relationship with yourself

AND your future soulmate relationship!

This is your initiation into self healing and tranformation .

Stressed Woman


From hanging on to the old chords of the broken relationship draining you to clearing the energy of the past relationship and feeling whole and full in oneself again.


Discover the keys within to unlock deeper love & fulfillment

What You Will Receive

Weekly Group Call
6 x 90min

Worth $1500


Hosted on Zoom, these weekly group calls with our intimate community are the core of our journey together. These calls are a unique blend of deep healing tools, spiritual activations, guided exercises, and customised meditation. Together, we’ll start releasing the wounding and traumas that is keeping you stuck in your life - rewriting the story of your romantic relationships! Replays will be available for those who can’t make it live.

Weekly Integration Tools
Worth $300


Every week, you'll receive customized journal prompts, healing techniques, worksheets, and action steps to help you further integrate what we unveiled in our Private Sessions.

This is deep, vital work to accelerate your healing progress!

Exclusive Access to Our Private Community
Worth $500


When we’re not gathering inside our weekly calls, you can find our community inside our private online gathering space! Hosted on either a private Whatsapp group or Facebook group (we’ll let our group decide), this community space will support you with anything you may need. Whether you need support to move through a challenge or you’d like your sisters to celebrate your wins, our intimate community will be a loving, safe, and non-judgement space for all of us to show up as we need to. And as a bonus, I’ll be hosting LIVE Light Language Activation sessions for all of us as a group!

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falak RIL decor_edited.png
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Total Value: $2300 USD
Your investment $599 USD

Pay-In-Full BONUS:  one 1-1  session of 90mins (worth $300)

Payment Plan Available:
3 payments of $222 USD

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falak RIL decor_edited.png
falak RIL decor_edited.png
falak RIL decor_edited.png
falak RIL decor_edited.png
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"I am so grateful to have found Falak, she senses energy so well, she has helped me to come out of my deepest darkest place, she held me and supported me like a sister. I cannot recognize myself the way I was 6 months back. I highly recommend working with her, she is phenomenal." - Samra

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