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Do you often doubt yourself and wonder, 
"If lasting love even possible for me?"

After years of toxic relationship patterns, codependent connections, and dead-end pursuits…

It's a question that a lot of women ask themselves.

I know the  hopelessness that one feels as if the world have ran out of high quality men, and going to the dating apps could be feel completely futile.

Being  burnout due to constantly being the giver in relationship where you love is’nt consistently reciprocated.


Being on the chase to have a man commit to you and cherish you for who you are and yet only to push him away more.


I completely know that the struggle is real!!!

As I have been there too.


However, I also know what it’s like to decide enough is enough and put those old stories at rest. 

The key to Magnetize a man and have him fall for you is within you...

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It’s your disconnection with your feminine energy that is pushing high quality masculine man away from you.

Nothing and no one is stopping you from experiencing the love you

most deeply desire - except for you.

All you have to do is, say “YES”

Say yes to yourself

Say yes to descending in your feminine self.

That’s why I am sharing step by step process that will help you dive into depths of your feminine essence and have a high quality man pursue you who is ready to commit.

You can have it all….

You Can….

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Lean back in the feminine energy and let your man do the chasing. 

Save yourself from over giving, over doing or putting up a show.

Attract a divine masculine man who is ready to commit.

Are you ready to move past the cycles of bad choices and unhealthy relationships?


Join us inside Codes of Feminine Magnetism: The group Program

 taking you deep into to your feminine self and magnetize love that you deeply desire.


Where you’ll not only kickstart your journey to a truly fulfilling INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP…


But you’ll be doing it inside a sisterhood of women who are on the same path as you.


You will be healing and learning and MAGNETIZING alongside a safe and supportive community who is there to hold you as you transform!


We will grow together as a community.

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  Imagine only in 6 weeks going from...

 Being overwhelmed and burnt out in relationship to fully present and embodied in you feminine self.


Feeling caught inside a loop of bad relationships and bad choices - to starting to rewrite your relationship story for good


  From chasing men to commit to earning to magnetizing man to pursue you and who treats you like a queen.


This is a calling for your initiation into the journey of the feminine ….

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What you will receive

Weekly Live Group Calls

6X90 mins

Worth $1200

Hosted on Zoom, these private sessions are the core of our work together. A blend of intuitive coaching, guided meditation, and deep healing tools. We learn, understand and integrate code of Feminine Magnetism through inner work, guided meditations and embodiment practices

Weekly Integration Tools

Worth $600

Every week, you'll receive customized journal prompts, healing techniques, worksheets, and action steps to help you further integrate what we unveiled in our Private Sessions.

This is deep, vital work to accelerate your healing progress!

Exclusive Access to Private Community

 Worth $600

When we’re not gathering inside our weekly calls, you can find our community inside our private online gathering space! Hosted on either a private Whatsapp group or Facebook group (we’ll let our group decide), this community space will support you with anything you may need. Whether you need support to move through a challenge or you’d like your sisters to celebrate your wins, our intimate community will be a loving, safe, and non-judgement space for all of us to show up as we need to. And as a bonus, I’ll be hosting LIVE Light Language Activation sessions for all of us as a group!

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Total Value : $2400 USD

Your Investment $777 USD

PAY-IN- FULL BONUS : 45 min 1-1 session of individualized deep inner work. (Worth $200)

Payment Plan Available 

3 payments of $333 USD


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