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5 Ways To Deal with Fear of Judgement

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Here judgment simply means the opinion of others. The opinion someone has formed is based on his/her perception about a certain thing or person.

Most of the time it so happens that our decisions about life are based on what others would think of us, on the opinion and judgment of others. We refrain from putting ourselves out in the world, pursuing our desires and aspirations just because we are too afraid of the opinion of others.

When I was writing my book “The Soulmate Mantra” I had two chapters to finish. I came across something called writer’s block. I couldn’t write at all. I would just keep finding excuses like, “ oh I do not have enough time, or I am busy with kids virtual school.

I would just keep procrastinating for one or the other reason. It was only later that I realized, when I sat with myself and looked within, that I had a fear of finishing my book.

I was afraid that once I finished my book, it would be out in the world and would be read by many.

And it was basically of the JUDGEMENT of others, the opinion of others and so I had been unconsciously stopping myself from finishing it.

Only when I worked on that fear and let it go could I finally start writing and finish my book.

I realized there would be people who might like it, there would be others who might not like it, but that shouldn't stop me from expressing myself and my soul’s desire of writing.

And just like me, there would be many of us, who simply do not start because they are afraid of how they would be received by others. To all those people who have been stopping themselves just out of the fear of judgment, it is time to let it go.

This fear of judgment is linked to the desire to be liked by all at all times. But because that is impossible, this is a losing game that keeps people from uninhibitedly experiencing and expressing their true selves.

Here are 5 ways to deal with fear of judgement

  1. Let go of the desire to control.

  2. Become aware of your own emotions

  3. Do it anyway

  4. Recognize your own judgments

  5. Change the focus of your judgments

Let go of the desire to control.

It is not just the fear of judgment, but it is also the desire to control the opinion, the behavior of others towards you. You can only have control over others’ thoughts or feelings.

You can take responsibility for what you are feeling, and how you are affected by the judgments rather than putting the energy out in controlling what others think as that is practically impossible.

Become aware of your own emotions

Rather than focusing on the outside of how others would think it is important to bring the attention to the inside and watch how it affects you, what does it make you feel?

Awareness is the key to healing. Work on your negative belief that you might be holding on to that is creating fear in you.

Example: the fear of judgment may be due to the deeper belief of not being good enough. In short, do your inner work.

Do it anyway

As I have also described this in my book “ The Soulmate Mantra”, it is ok to have fears, to be afraid of certain things, but the only way out is to do it anyway.

You might fear judgment, you might fear the opinion of others but DO IT ANYWAY. You do not have to give in to your fears. The only way out is through it.

Recognize your own judgments

People are simply mirrors of our own inner reality. Your sensitivity to judgment simply reflects the judgment that you have for yourself and others.

There is no better way to care less about the judgments of others than to judge yourself and others less. Of course, judgment is unavoidable, but watch the language you use in your own head about the people and events in your life.

Change the focus of your judgments

Instead of “she sucks” or “he’s a loser,” ask yourself what effect the person has on you that you want to avoid or be aware of in the future.

.For example, “She never follows through with her commitments to me.”


“He tells me he’s trying but I always end up disappointed.” Move away from the good and bad character traits of those in your life to what is healthy and unhealthy for you.


Here is my book "The Soulmate Mantra" for you to dive deep into finding solutions to your relationship problems.

This book is enriched with my personal experiences as well as experiences of my clients who were able to find love by following the principles mentioned in this book. It has easy, applicable mantras and descriptions of the different aspects of ourselves which when we integrate within ourselves helps create a path to bring us closer to our Soulmate.

This book will help you understand all the obstacles and blocks that is withholding you from experiencing the love that you have always desired.

As you finish reading this book you will realize that it is not just a guide to manifest your soulmate but a journey that will bring in personal transformation, and would result in not only bringing in your Soulmate but living a more fulfilled life, with love, freedom, and joy.

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