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A workshop to help you tune in different phases of menstrual cycle and live in alignment w
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About the Workshop....

 In Ancient Greece, physicians believed that the moon and the monthly menstrual cycle were linked. During a woman's period of menstruation, she was thought to be spiritually and mentally powerful.


One of the first people to suggest a link between menstruation and the moon was none other than Charles Darwin, who observed the link between the length of the menstrual cycle and that of the lunar cycle.


In the Ojibwe tradition, menstruation is known as “moon time.” Traditionally, women take refuge at home during this time to rest and reflect.


According to Ayurveda, blood, or rakta in Sanskrit, is believed to be governed by moon.


According to the medieval yogic text known as the Vashishta Samhhita women were considered to be lunar in nature while men were considered to be solar. It was believed that the lunar cycle affected the various stages of menstruation.


Feminine energy itself is cyclical just like the moon. When one is disconnected from their feminine self the more is disturbance in the cycle. When a woman tunes in.


The menstrual cycle and it’s cyclical nature, she has the ability to dive deeper into once feminine essence.


The disconnection is often seen as menstrual irregularities, difficult and painful periods, infertility, early menopause or difficult menopause, or just the simple disgust and aversion to one’s moon time.


I invite all women irrespective if you are bleeding or not any more, to join in this short immersive workshop to connect with natural cyclical nature of being a woman and own and rise in your feminine essence.

Date : 14th and 15th October

On Zoom

Time: 9.30am- 12.30pm EST

In this workshop we will cover

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