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From Leading Soulmate Relationship Coach, Falak Shaiikh… A FREE MASTERCLASS VALUED AT $97
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Is Manifest Your Soulmate
right for you?

Have you been spinning in circles - repeating the same relationship patterns over and over and over again?
Unable to find a way out?


Have you tried everything to find the love of your life… and now you’re starting to wonder whether “true love” is even possible for you?


What if I told you that...


“Having it all” isn’t just a fairytale only reserved for a special few. 


You can have your own loving, fulfilling, dream relationship without falling back on old habits or compromising your needs and desires.


Manifest Your Soulmate is a LIVE 2 Day Masterclass Series that will help you identify and shift the 5 major blocks that have been stopping you from manifesting a soulmate relationship in your life.

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DAY 1 - February 12th

11AM - 12PM EST

Discover the #1 and #2 blocks that are keeping you from a compatible and fulfilling relationship! On Day 1, we start to get clear on the story you carry around your relationships - using powerful belief and self-worth practices to begin shifting that story for good.

DAY 2 - February 13th 

11AM - 12PM EST

On Day 2, we explore the final 3 blocks that are keeping you from your dream relationship. We’ll continue unpacking your core wounds, beliefs, and stories around relationships - working with powerful integration practises to ground everything you’ve learned over this entire masterclass!

Get ready to start your journey to the soulmate
relationship of your dreams!


Can’t make it live? No worries.

Recordings will be made available for those who can’t make it live.


Learn how to get out of your own way
and find the love you desire!
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